Notched Rim Diamond Saw Blade

Notched Rim Diamond Saw Blade

Continuous Rim Diamond Lapidary  Saw Blade

Continuous Rim Diamond Lapidary Saw Blade

Ultra-thin Diamond Saw Blade

A perfect solution to cut expensive stones and keep stock removal at a bare minimum.

The ultra-thin diamond saw blade is an ideal choice for cutting stones when you don’t want to lose out on the material. It boasts a thickness of 0.1mm. It is made of spring steel and coated with premium-grade diamond grits on the edge to provide you with fast, sharp, and precise cutting. The ultra-thin saw blade is widely used by lapidary artists around the world for cutting Turquoise and the likes. Moreover, it is available at an extremely competitive price. Grab yours today!

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  • Our diamond saw blade is ultra-thin with a thickness of 0.1 mm. It makes our saw blade almost paper-thin. 
  • The saw blade is coated with diamond grits uniformly across the rim to provide consistent and effective cutting of the stones.
  • The material used to manufacture a thin diamond saw blade is high-grade spring steel, which gives the blade rigidity despite its thinness.
  • The ultra-thin diamond saw blade is extremely suitable for expensive stones such as Turquoise, Quartz, Topaz, Opal, Gaspeite, Emerald, Beryls, Glass, and fine Agates to name a few. It is because the blade avoids extreme stock removal of stone while cutting as a result of its extreme thinness. However, you can practically throw any rock at it and get a precise cut.
  • The diamond saw blade is perfectly flat and parallel to the surface so that there is no wobbling while operating on the machine.
  • The blade runs best when lubricant such as oil or water is used on the blade to prevent overheating and remove unwanted debris.
  • The saw blades feature different arbor sizes: ⅝”, ½”, 20mm and 30mm.
  • Our saw blade is also available in a range of diameters 4”, 5” and 6” to match your saw machine and lapidary needs.
  • For other lapidary needs, you may check out our full range of diamond saw blades according to your needs.


  • Diameter: 4”, 5”, 6”
  • Arbor: ⅝”,½”, 20mm, 30mm
  • Thickness: 0.1 mm


  • It must be kept in mind that the arrow on the saw blade is aligned with the direction of rotation of the shaft, before starting the operation of the saw blade.
  • As it’s super-thin, It is advisable to correctly handle its edges so that it does not lose its sharpness and roundness.
  • Life of the blade usually depends upon the hardness of the material or stone that you cut. softer the material, longer the life.
  • An appropriate amount of coolant should be flown through the diamond blade for improved efficiency of the blade as it reduces overheating.
  • To achieve clean cutting results, the lapidary equipment should not be dirty, or dusty.
  • Light to medium amount of pressure applied on the saw blade while working is imperative to avoid overheating and overloading of the saw blade.


  • Time for shipping varies depending on the shipping region but usually, it takes a maximum of 5-7 business days to be delivered anywhere in the world, once it’s dispatched. It’s usually dispatched within 3-4 business days of order.
  • The shipping of our ultra-thin diamond saw blade is insured. 
  • The product is manufactured and shipped from India. For International customers, the fees on import duty or customs charges will not be incurred by us. Every country’s customs policies are different and must be considered by the customers on their own.


  • Drop us an email at or contact us from the website for any assistance. We’d be quick to respond and glad to help.
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